Writing an Report vs. Writing a Website Post: What’s the Big difference?

Ever question what the huge difference is between writing articles and writing a post? It’s a topic that comes up a great deal when persons question how to become a freelance writer. Besides model and study, you could be astonished by one of many essential differences between sites and articles. And it’s why I decided to generally share this article again.
Appreciate! —Carol.

There’s plenty of distress out there in the freelance-writing world today about blog articles and articles Blogging Website. Also, in what each of the kinds of writing must pay.

Recently, I got plenty of a reaction to my call for freelance authors to prevent writing blog posts. Many authors were puzzled about precisely what the huge difference is.

Therefore let’s discuss. Because things are changing. And understanding the differences between those two writing types will allow you to generate more.

For a long time, blog articles and nonfiction articles were clearly various:

Then something happened, and over the past few years, the lines started blurring.

Blog-article convergence
Website articles started to obtain more and more like articles. As a bazillion sites crowded the Internet, the bar started initially to raise.

Website articles began to have more interviews. They presented fascinating data. Articles got lengthier as bloggers wanted to stick out and offer more price, till 1,000 words has become reasonably normal, and 2,000-word articles are not uncommon. SEO keywords’price decreased as Bing damaged down on keyword-stuffed content. Also, as sites got more skilled, many hired editors.

On the article-writing side, there is also movement. Many print publications began posting copies of their articles online. Instantly, newspaper headlines required to operate a vehicle traffic, exactly like blog-post headlines, and heading types evolved. They published more opinion-driven parts from thought leaders. Some also put up sites where they allow authors hit the ‘publish’switch on their own.

Wordcounts shortened for print, as ad revenue transferred online. Some publications gone online-only. Their model got breezier and more casual.

To sum up, the two kinds of writing started initially to merge into one. Explanations got squishy, and now there’s plenty of confusion.

Except about one thing: Website articles tend to pay for junk, and articles tend to pay for better.

Customer distress
Ignorant clients who don’t really know those two types have been busy muddying up the conversation about them for years. That is caused it to be difficult for authors to determine writing tasks and quote them appropriately.

There are plenty of clients out there who contact the 300-word quickie articles they need ‘articles,’ but still need to pay for $5 for them.

Additionally there are many clients who’d as you to create 1,000-word blog articles with two interviews and a research stat, but they’d like to pay for $20 because “it’s a blog post.”

Your job as a freelance author would be to cut through the bull and get from what the assignment really is — then, discuss what that job should really pay.

How authors may generate more
The fact is, clients are usually going to try to get things cheap. It’s as much as authors to educate clients in what they are requesting, and what’s good buy what they want one to write.

The good thing is, the convergence of blog articles and articles must offer authors better pay opportunities. Website articles are growing up — they are increasingly maybe not the unpleasant stepsister of articles. So that they ought to pay for more such as the articles they often are.

But it’s as much as the author to take the steps to capitalize with this change in the marketplace.

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