Know the technical specifications and parts of the circulator pump before buying

Circulator pumps are usually installed in the return path of the water circuit of cooling or heating systems. In other words, in pre-boiler heating systems, central heating and in pre-chiller cooling systems are located, so that the water output of circulating pumps enters the boiler in heating systems, then is distributed in radiators and fan coils. In cooling systems, the water outlet of the circulator pump enters the chiller operator and then the fan coils and air conditioner coils.

In order to return the spa used not in the spa piping of the building, it is necessary to install the spa return pump before the coil or double wall source on the spa return pipe.

Usually, the return pump for hot water to the double-walled source or even the coil source of the building engine room is considered as a 1-inch or 1/4-inch linear pump GRUNDFOS, DAB or WILO.

Proper installation of the pump

Using a frequency control system based on pressure differences

In this case, the performance of the pump is similar to the booster of variable speed pumps, except that instead of a pressure transmitter, a differential pressure transmitter is used. Here, instead of the pump head, the pressure difference between the two sides of the pump determines and adjusts the pump speed. This system can be inside the pump itself.

Using a frequency control system based on temperature difference

In this method, the reciprocating temperature difference of the system determines the pump speed. The transmitter temperature regulates the return water temperature and increases or decreases the pump speed by changing the temperature by commanding the controller.

Advantages of variable speed system (variable speed pump)

Reducing energy consumption

According to the similarity relationships in the pumps, the power of the centrifugal pumps varies with the third power relative to the speed; Reducing distance has an effective role in reducing energy consumption.

Increase pump life

Choosing the right speed change always keeps the pump in the range of the best operating point, which increases the life of the forces in the pump, increasing the life of the pump and bearings and seals.

Other advantages of variable speed system:

Avoid hitting the ram

Reduce startup current

Ability to control software

High service life

Weaknesses of variable speed system

The only disadvantage of this system is its high initial cost. Of course, due to reduced energy consumption and reduced maintenance costs, this cost is offset in the life cycle and then becomes profitable.

Turn the pump on and off

This method is only used for very small systems. Because in large systems, turning off and on too much causes heat shock to the system.

Circulator pump repair

Repair and troubleshooting of these pumps is done by examining the performance of all its components, and after examining the components and diagnosing the problem, it is repaired. The specialists of Abravan Company, which are manufacturers of various types of industrial pumps, are ready to provide professional services in the field of circulator pump repairs.

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