8 Great Web Series You need to be Watching Today.

With the rising demand for entertainment, the joy couldn’t just be sufficed to film and TV shows.

Thank you, Glory Internet and your beautiful invention called “Web Series.”

In the last few (but exceptional) years, the web series has come a long way. You’ve critically acclaimed show online; you have stars making an appearance – that have successfully raised awareness, utmost keen and joy amongst the mass.

They are some incredible online webisodes capturing the hearts of many and giving the voice to everyone. These would be the 8 best of them. (Disagree? Please feel free to tell us why?)

S.O.S: Save Our Skins

Starring and published by the team behind British TV staples (Smack the Pony and The I.T Crowd), the series follows two British nerds, Stephen and Ben played by Chris Haywood and Nat Saunders respectively who are merlin season 6 stoked up about their New York convention. Once they get to the city, they get up to get only to discover that they are the only real two people left on Earth. The show boasts of comedy, sci-fi and of course horror. With only 13 episodes it has gained a reliable amount of audiences and took home the award for the Best British Series at Raindance Web Fest last year.

Video Game High School

C’mon, we’d be causing major heartbreak when we didn’t mention this epic action comedy webseries. The style is defined later on and tells us the knowledge of the protagonist, a player, Brian Doheny (Josh Playlock) at VGHS, an elite facility that’s focused on teach a curriculum of game titles, only video games. Did we hear you go Woaahhhh!? The series is made by Freddie Wong’s RocketJump Studios.

Sad Motivator

How’s this for a premise? Some guy is dealing with a bad breakup, the problem is worse already, and a creepy, globular green and murderous friend, Mark appears (those dancing devil on the shoulder type) and whispers sweet perversion into the former’s ears. While Kevin makes moves on ex girlfriend’s roommate, his so called acting guidance eggs him on with menacing commentary. Too intense? Creepy? Exciting? Nevertheless you feel about this psychological thriller, it has garnered a maximum most horror fans

F to 7th

Mental performance behind this critically acclaimed series, Ingrid Jungermann is just a known face in the entertainment industry with her dynamic first attempt’The Slope.’ Jungermann writes, directs and stars in this critically acclaimed show that explores the life span of a gay woman struggling to get her identity in the modern world. The show portrays the insecurities of a heart aged lesbian in a compelling yet funny way. With popular names like Kristen Connolly (House of Cards) as guest stars and funded by the Spike Lee Production Award, we can safely assume the next season will soon be up across the midst of the year.

H+: The Digital Series

Developed by Bryan Singer and Warner Bros.,’H+’is definitely an apocalyptic sci-fi that could make you ask questions on the existence of technology and about the potential threat that will arise if the humanity loses control in the near days. H+ delivers the nightmarish image into the future, associated with an ambitious narrative and cinematic visuals.

Written It Down

“Delivering bad news is hard to do… especially once you don’t know very well what it is,” that’s the way the story revolves in this highly adored web series. Fun Fact: You can find no scripts and predicated on impromptu conversation. Australia’s best comedians take the greatest challenge and perform in this completely improvised show landing themselves into the greatest uncomfortable situation, different every episode and go on camera. Simple, yet very original! Not forgetting it has won several awards at LA Web fest last year.

High Maintenance

The list is incomplete when we don’t regard Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld’s’High maintenance.’ This dark comedy redefines the word’stoner ‘. The net series follows an anonymous marijuana deliveryman called The Guy (played by Sinclair) and his encounters with new pair of clients in New York City. The clients are more or less in need of something more than a joint. Trust the show to surprise you with each episode with The Guy witnessing relationship meltdowns, job crises, family warfare and much more. We are not the only real ones in awe with the show; the fanbase rise high with likes of Orange is the New Black creator Jenji Kohan and Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens.

Justice Woman

It’s not surprising that’Justice Woman’was bound to get recognition for the undertake unjust society of today. Multi-talented Vanessa Verduga understood the impact the show would create when she conceived Justice Woman in October 2012. The webseries follows the story of a really modern and funky Assistant District Attorney, Sofia Escala who after discovering ab muscles legal system meant to serve justice without prejudice is full of corruption and collusion. She is decided to bring an end to this and dons the secret identity of Justice Woman with the help of her sidekick and her best pal Robert Gallion. The series has bagged her many awards in a short period of time including Vanessa herself for Outstanding Lead Actress award at the 2013 Los Angeles Web Festival and Best Sexy Actress award at the 2014 Rome Web Awards in Italy and the Excellence in Multimedia award from the Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors (making her the first recipient). In 2010 it’s making rounds at the ROME WEB AWARDS with numerous nominations.

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