5 best Water Sports in Porto


With it’s warm climates coupled having an extremely different landscape make Portugal is the right place for a significant adrenaline break! Porto is ideal for all kinds of watersports, flyboard, banana boat, parasailing, including jetski, boat trips or perhaps a relaxing pedalo.

To discover what is trending in water adventure planing a trip to Porto we show below several of your choices you’ve. Porto Carras watersports club specializes in non-motorized and motorized water pursuits, therefore you can spend countless hours of water entertaining under the beautiful sun of Halkidiki. Now let’s check top 5 water sports in porto.

1 surf in Esposende

This’s the very best chance to be able to surf in Esposende with the best-licensed surfers on the spectacular beach of Esposende. If you are on holiday within the North of Portugal as well as going for a trip on a budget and searching for the supreme sporty outing, this specific lesson to learn how to browse in Esposende is ideal for you.

2 kitesurfing

Kitesurfing in Esposende is really a fantastic way to hold fit during the holidays of yours. The stay of yours in North of Portugal is a superb reason to check a new thrilling sport. While kitesurfing in Esposende you can take pleasure in the spectacular coastline of the area.

3  A SUP tour

This SUP trip in Esposende is really a sporty and unique way to explore the coastline in the North of Portugal. SUP or alternatively Standup Paddle is a fresh worldwide booming sport. You will be sitting on the knees of yours as well as looking at a uniquely created surfboard and move ahead by managing a paddle. Let us carry on a SUP trip to Esposende!

4 Matosinhos surf lesson

This Matosinhos surf session is really a group session. You will be surrounded by several other individuals who’d love to find out how to surf. The Matosinhos surf session is provided by way of a best-licensed surfer on the spectacular beach of Matosinhos.

5 Oporto surf trip

This Oporto surf journey is provided by way of a best-licensed surfer on of the spectacular beaches around Oporto. We’ll take you surfing in Matosinhos, Leça da Palmeira, Sacoor/Julio Marinho beaches. If you are staying in Oporto and trying to find the supreme sporty outing, this specific Oporto surf journey is ideal for you.

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